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How does "Matches" option help me to get more matches with different options?

Based on your profile details and Partner Preferences, shows you a list of profiles under 'Matches' list. New Matches: New Members who recently joined and match your preference.
Today's Matches - Daily matches recommended by based around your partner preference. My Matches - Members who exactly match your 'Partner Preferences'. Turn off the toggle button "Include More Matches" if you are looking for matches precisely matching your Partner Preference. Near Me - Members around your location who match most of your Preferences. Based on your preference, you can reset the distance to 50/100/250 kms using "Refine" option in our App. Recently Viewed - Profiles that you have recently visited/viewed.
More Matches - It gives you more profiles to choose from like...
Recent Visitors - Members who visited your profile in the last 30 days.
Premium Matches - Your matches who recently upgraded to Premium Membership.
Members you make like - Members who match most of your preferences. It gives you more matches to look out for.
Members looking for me - Members looking for matches like you i.e. you are matching most of their preferences.

How can I know, who have visited my profile?

Yes you can!. Click here to see the list of members who have recently viewed your profile. You can also find this option as "Recent Visitors" in "More Matches" option under "Matches" tab.

How can I search for physically/mentally challenged or HIV positive special cases in my search?

If you are looking for physically/mentally challenged or HIV positive profiles, you may Click here You can also do this by clicking "Special cases" under "Search" tab on our website.

What is an 'Astro Search'?

If you believe in matching Astrology before connecting with members., we have astro search for you. Click here to start.
You can also find this option under "More" option in Search Tab on our website.

What is a 'Saved Search'? How many searches can I save?

You can save up to 5 searches with different criteria to run it later to get matches as per the saved criteria. You can also choose to get them emailed to you.

I want to apply for visa for my fiance. I got my match through

If you have shared your success story on, we check and upload it on our site. You may search for your success story and use it for Visa purpose. Click here to visit Success Stories.

Can I search for profiles by any specific word that Im looking for like name, profession, sub caste?

Absolutely! If you are looking for profiles with a keyword which is not available in our pre-fixed search criteria, you may search using 'Search using Keywords' option under Advanced search option. E.g. Search profiles using names, community, caste, region etc.

How is 'Advance search' different from 'Basic search'?

Basic Search allows you to search your partner with basic criteria like 'Age', 'Marital Status', 'Religion', 'Mother Tongue' etc. With Advanced Search, you can refine the search further by including detailed preference like 'Location & Grew up in Details', 'Education & Profession Details', 'Lifestyle & Appearance' and 'Keyword'. Advance Search is currently available only on our Website.

How can I search for profiles on What are the search options available

To manually search for profiles on, you can use any of the following options:
Basic Search – to search for profiles as per basic criteria like age, height, religion, marital status, location etc.
Advanced search – detailed search option including education, profession, skin tone, manglik status etc with further refining options.
Online Now – to search for profiles who are currently logged into
Special cases – to search for physically/mentally challenged members.
Astro Search - to search for profiles matching your astrology requirements.

In what order are my search results listed?

Search results are listed in a default order to ensure maximum responses to your profile. You can also sort the results by ‘Newest First’ and ‘Last Logged in First’.

In the search results, I can see a small shield icon next to most of the profiles. What is this icon for? uses these icons to denote the different status of profile, e.g. whether phone number is verified, Facebook is verified etc.

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